Release 54 Now Available

JOHNSON CITY, TN (February 20, 2024) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce Release 54 for Xojo Desktop, Mobile and Web!

Release Statistics

  • 6 New Classes or Products
  • 32 Additions
  • 53 Bug Fixes
  • 9 Various Changes

Mobile Edition

Mobile Edition continued to be enhanced in this release with additional functionality and 22 bug fixes. This target is maturing nicely and has become a staple in a number of Xojo developers’ iOS toolkits. While there were no new products for Mobile in this release, the additions and bug fixes make it well worth taking advantage of.

Desktop Edition

Desktop Edition now has the animated, lovely, and powerful GraffitiPagePanel that first arose in Mobile. With this class, you can give your panel changes some flair and make your UI really stand out. This is in addition 12 other needed extras fpr existing components in this release to give developers even more power over their software. From GraffitiModal positioning to enhanced API for GraffitiTagField, there’s a lot to like.

Web Edition

As has been the case in other recent releases, Web Edition takes center stage in Release 54. Three brand new UI components are now added to the arsenal:

  • GraffitiControlGroup
    A huge project in itself — gives you the power to build vertical or horizontal toolbar-like components with endless possibilities and configurations. With 12 item classes, including one for WebContainers, you can really build some power in to your user interfaces.
  • GraffitiCSSAnimator
    A modern CSS-based animation component with a variety of operations to make your UI feel more natural. It has a lot of attention seekers and in/out animations with support for variable timing, delays, and more!
  • GraffitiUploaderSingle
    A new take on our powerful and popular Uploader control — with the same reliable chunked uploading — and is massively configurable to get exactly what your UI needs in a single file uploader. You control the entire experience with Indicators, GraffitiStyles, and even selecting which UI components you want to be visible in the UI.

We’ve also added column grouping to GraffitiGrid so it’s now even easier to group your data logically so your users can see relationships between columns, control over unfilled ProgressRadial and ProgressSemiCircle areas, and WebContainers in GraffitiToolbars!

View the complete Release 54 changelog at

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