Release 53 Now Available

JOHNSON CITY, TN (December 11, 2023) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce Release 53 for Xojo Desktop, Mobile and Web!

Release Statistics

  • 6 New Classes or Products
  • 34 Additions
  • 55 Bug Fixes
  • 6 Various Changes

Mobile Edition

Release 53 continues the recent theme of expanding the Mobile (iOS) toolset with the addition of GraffitiTagField and GraffitiW3W! GraffitiTagField is a truly powerful multiple value selection component built from the ground up to look and function exceptionally well on small form factor devices as well as the biggest tablet you can imagine. GraffitiW3W, meanwhile, is a transplant from Desktop and Web that allows you to use the What3Words API to translate latitude and longitude coordinates to sets of three easy to remember words, and back again!

Desktop Edition

Desktop Edition didn’t need a great deal of work this time around, but it did receive some powerful new controls. GraffitiScrollableArea is a control that’s built entirely to make dealing with varying sizes of UIs easier to build. Embed a container, size it however you like, and you instantly have a scrolling view dedicated to that container! And let’s not forget GraffitiSplitView, which also came to Desktop Edition in this release. No more fighting with parenting controls to get a splitter control to function correctly. You place a GraffitiSplitView, give it two new DesktopContainer instances to manage, and you’re ready to go!

Web Edition

Web Edition was the bulk of this release. There’s a lot here to be happy about from general bug fixes to memory leaks and beyond with new tools. GraffitiDateTimePickerRange has been rebuilt in this release to provide a more modern UI and selection experience using only a single dropdown. We also brought GraffitiSplitView to Web with, more or less, the same API as Desktop and Mobile to make your multi-platform applications just a bit easier to build. Additionally, there are far too many additions and fixes to discuss at length, but this may be one of the best GraffitiSuite releases to-date in terms of Web performance.

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GraffitiSuite is an ever-expanding set of classes for Xojo that aims to both ease development and provide access to advanced features and user interface concepts without unnecessarily complicating your project code.

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