The Future of Web 1.0

With the release of Web 2.0, and its subsequent (more or less) deprecation by Xojo, I don’t think anyone is surprised by questions about what the current plan is for GraffitiSuite Web Edition 1.0. I understand the concerns of GraffitiSuite customers who have come to rely on GraffitiSuite over the years as they build innumerable web applications, so I’ve resisted the urge to make a decision and publicize the plan for quite some time.

The short of it is, you’ll be able to rely on GraffitiSuite for Web 1.0 applications for a little while longer. I’ve also built a massive number of applications both for contract, internal use, and public release. Many I won’t be rebuilding, some I will. That being the case, I also need it to continue to function for a bit.

So what’s the timeline? As of this date (December 17, 2020), GraffitiSuite Web Edition 1.0 is in Maintenance Mode. I will release fixes only, no new products, and those fixes will only be related to changes in browser behavior that break existing functionality.

I have to increasingly spend more and more of my time on Web 2.0, and — with the Desktop codebase also constantly being updated and other ongoing work — it’s just not feasible to continue to add new products and perform what can in some cases be considered rewrites to fix relatively minor issues. At the same time, though the codebases are largely the same right now, continuing to port fixes made for Web 2.0 to Web 1.0 is also too time-consuming to continue, so only those bugs for Web 1.0 that are actually reported for that version will be fixed.

Maintenance Mode will continue until March 1st, 2021. At that time, GraffitiSuite Web Edition 1.0 will no longer be supported. I had a lot of fun building it over the years, and it hurts a little to say that Web Edition 1.0’s time has passed, but I’m sure all of GraffitiSuite’s users understand the rationale behind this decision.

I want to say thank you to the thousands of you who, over the years, have supported and used GraffitiSuite Web Edition 1.0. Without you, GraffitiSuite would look a lot different today.

Thank you for your continued support,

Anthony G. Cyphers

Release 33 Now Available!

JOHNSON CITY, TN (September 30, 2020) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce GraffitiSuite Release 33 for Xojo Desktop, Web 1.0 and Web 2.0!

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From Anthony: My Adventures with Web 2.0

For years we’ve been waiting for Web Framework 2.0 from Xojo. Some of us, like me, actually dreaded it because of the additional work it would inevitably entail. Would it be worth the transition? Would it work as intended? Would be it be, dare I say, fun to use?

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Release 32 Now Available!

JOHNSON CITY, TN (July 11, 2020) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce the release of GraffitiSuite Release 31!

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Omegabundle for Xojo 2020 Developer Tools Bundle Announced

Get the top developer tools and third party components for the Xojo cross-platform development platform at a huge savings.

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Looking Forward: GraffitiSuite for Web 2.0

One of the most commonly asked questions we’re getting right now is

What will GraffitiSuite for Xojo Web 2.0 look like?

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Release 31 Now Available!

JOHNSON CITY, TN (April 16, 2020) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce the release of GraffitiSuite Release 31!

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Future Release Model

Time to change things up!

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From Anthony: Let’s Talk API 2.0, Part 2

They did it! Xojo reverted the event renaming in API 2.0 for Release 2019R2.1!

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Release 30 Now Available

JOHNSON CITY, TN (October 22, 2019) — GraffitiSuite is pleased to announce the availability of GraffitiSuite Release 30!

“Release 30 is a monster,” according to Anthony G. Cyphers, Sole Proprietor of GraffitiSuite. “The primary focus in this release has been getting the Desktop components theme-aware so that customers can leverage dark mode on target platforms, and I think this was successful. This is, without question, the largest Desktop release of GraffitiSuite in the last 16 years.”

== Desktop Edition ==
14 new classes
– GraffitiAnimator: Easily incorporate eased, time-based animations in to your UIs.
– GraffitiCard: Display important data in a beautiful format, with a call-to-action button.
– GraffitiColors: Incorporate theme-aware coloring in your UI for Windows and macOS, or choose from pre-defined palettes like Bootstrap, Material, named colors, and more.
– GraffitiDrillMenu: Replace those tired old treeview controls with a powerful and amazingly attractive drill-down style menu component.
– GraffitiImmersiveWindow: Add dark mode support for Windows, complete with an AppearanceChanged event for both macOS and Windows.
– GraffitiImmersiveLabel: Drop-in replacement for the standard Label with added dark mode support for Windows.
– GraffitiImmersiveTextField: Drop-in replacement for the standard TextField with added dark mode support for Windows.
– GraffitiImmersiveTextArea: Drop-in replacement for the standard TextArea with added dark mode support for Windows.
– GraffitiListbox: Drop-in replace for the standard Listbox with dark mode support, menu headers, and enhanced hover effects.
– GraffitiNSImages: Easily get Picture representations of macOS System images such as NSMagnifyingGlass, or NSFontPanelActionButton.
– GraffitiOptionBox: Build a CheckBox or RadioButton that you’d be proud of with customization, or stick with the defaults for a better-looking modern alternative.
– GraffitiPagination: Give your users a better paging experience with this theme-aware, highly customizable paging control.
– GraffitiPopupMenu: A drop-in replacement for the standard PopupMenu with support for custom value drawing, multiple columns, and it’s theme-aware!
– GraffitiWall: Powerful stream-like component for displaying ContainerControls filled with info. Perfect for dashboard UIs.
32 other additions in functionality
68 bug fixes

== Web Edition ==
28 Functionality additions
73 bug fixes
2 library version updates

For a full overview of changes in this release, please visit the changelogs at

View the October 2019 Newsletter at

GraffitiSuite is an ever-expanding set of classes for Xojo Desktop and Web targets that aims to both ease development and provide access to advanced features and user interface concepts without unnecessarily complicating your project code.

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