Release 22 Now Available

With enhancements and bug fixes for GraffitiWebTree, Release 22 is now available. View the full changelog HERE.

Now With Offline Documentation!

Travel a lot? Use your mobile device probably a bit more than you should? Now you can grab the offline documentation in PDF format! Head on over to our Offline Documentation page HERE

Release 21 Now Available

JOHNSON CITY, TN (April 11, 2016) GraffitiSuite hits Release 21, and expands its Web Edition offerings.
“This release has been a long time coming,” according to Anthony G. Cyphers, Sole Proprietor of CyphersTECH Consulting. “So much work has been put in to this release, and I’m very proud to have finally been able to push it out to our customers. The new classes are great additions to both our offerings and the toolset for all Xojo developers, while the codebase has been largely rewritten to improve stability and future enhancement. There’s never been a better time to subscribe to GraffitiSuite Web Edition! Further, we’ve redone the web site and made it both more modern and more user-friendly.”

For a full overview of the changes in this release, please view the ChangeLog at

GraffitiSuite is an ever-expanding set of classes for Xojo Desktop Edition and Xojo Web Edition.
For more information about GraffitiSuite, visit
To subscribe to and get access to these amazing products, visit

CyphersTECH Consulting is a software and web development consulting firm based in Johnson City, TN. CyphersTECH offers custom local application development, Web Edition development, and a variety of design services.

See for more information.

What’s Next…

(Release 21 is a Web Edition only release, as there were no reported bugs or requested features for Desktop Edition since Release 20.)

Is that really what you want to know? Well, for release 21 we will not only be pushing out our stability rewrite…but…three all-new classes that are going to push your Web Apps even further! Oh, and we’ve deprecated the old DatePicker in favor of a new implementation that’s completely awesome. That brings this release to nine additions, and one fix.

The new classes are lacking some features that many of our other classes are missing, and we’ll be adding that as requested. As an example, WebStyle support. Many people seem to be perfectly happy using the styles we provide, so adding WebStyle support isn’t usually a priority (especially when you have full access to the CSS in the class’s source code); we take care of that when you need it. Our turn-around is generally quick on things like that, but some classes will require a considerable amount of work for WebStyle support. In some cases we have to completely refactor a component to get that support in.

Release 21 is very near now. We’re looking at a few other prototypes to see if they’re ready for this release, then we’ll do final testing and push it out.

Thanks for choosing GraffitiSuite!

More About the WE Rewrite

The rewrite is complete. The finishing touches were just put on earlier today, and we’re ready to move forward with our other goals for this release. If you’d like to know more about the causes and fixes present in the rewrite, read on.
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New Support Guarantee!

Now, with GraffitiSuite, if you* submit a bug or support request and don’t receive a response within 48-hours, you’ll receive six-months of free updates!**  This is all part of our plan to increase interaction and provide better support for all of our customers!

* “you” refers to a currently subscribed customer with an account that has been paid in full for a time-frame which includes both the request and response.  LIMITATIONS:
1. Users may not send an email, then subscribe before the 48-hour period ends to claim an additional six months upon failure to respond.
2. Users may not send a request for assistance before their subscription expires, with the 48-hour period encompassing or ending upon the user’s end-of-subscription date, and receive six-months free upon failure to respond.

** Void where prohibited

Calling All Customers!

Hello again!

This time around, we’re looking for reviews.  Good, bad, in-between, doesn’t matter!  Let us know what you love or hate about GraffitiSuite by visiting our new Reviews page.  Every review will be taken seriously, and we’ll contact you if we did something wrong and try to make it right.  Help us grow and take better care of our many customers.

Update on Rewrite Progress

Just a quick note to say that the heavy modifications to our Web Edition codebase are progressing as planned, and we hope for a release around the end of July.  Sometime shortly before then we will allow access to the beta package on this site.

Also, not long after the rewrite is released, we will be releasing an all-new GraffitiSuite site with a greater focus on satisfying customer needs.

Stay tuned!

Web Rewrite in the Works

After many fixes aimed at increasing the stability of our Web Edition controls over the past year, and the resulting recurring issues, we are going to be making major changes to the Web Edition classes. At a future date, we will be releasing a near rewrite of all Web Edition classes using the latest WebSDK. This version should be fully backwards compatible with your projects (not necessarily with previous versions of Xojo).

As of now, only one customer has continued to experience issues with the current release, and we will release a quick patch before the next release if it becomes necessary. If you do experience continuing problems with the latest release, please report them in the bug tracker so that we may ensure that they are addressed.

Thank you for choosing GraffitiSuite.

Release 20 Now Available

NOTE WEB This release addresses many compatability issues which were raised since Xojo 2014r3.1
NOTE WEB Debugging demo now also runs SSL on port 8081.
CHANGE WEB Demo app reworked to better test functionality.
CHANGE WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu partially reworked for Select2 3.5.2 compatibility. Changes to code may be needed.
CHANGE WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker no longer supports the ‘position’ property. This was done to fix several other issues.
CHANGE WEB GraffitiWebCalendar updated to version 2.2.3.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebCursor
ADD WEB GraffitiWebLayout
ADD WEB GraffitiWebLikert
ADD WEB GraffitiWebNotifier
ADD WEB GraffitiWebStorage and GraffitiWebStorageGW subclass
ADD WEB GraffitiWebTimePicker
ADD WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu now has “OpenPopup” and “ClosePopup” methods.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu’s SelectionChanged event now has an “IsAdded” parameter for user-entered text when AllowAdd = True.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebSyntaxEditor now has a Resize method for updating the display.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebSyntaxEditor now supports touch scrolling.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebEditor now has a proper SetFocus() method.
ADD WEB GraffitiWebGrid now supports WebStyles.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebAccordion fixed to now allow multiple instances on the same page.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebAccordion stability fixes.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebAccordion now caches JavaScript sent before libraries are loaded.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebAlert no longer shows a blank bar above containers in AlertWithDialog.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebCalendar now uses WebDialogs instead of GraffitiWebAlert for event editing.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebCalendar should now properly update it’s height and width properly when the control is resized.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebCalendar should no longer randomly ignore property settings and methods carried out before it has completely loaded.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebCalendar now waits until it is visible to load, if it’s not visible on load (either by its own visible property, or a parent container’s).
FIX WEB GraffitiWebColorPicker now properly handles opacity.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebColorPicker selection stability greatly improved.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebColorPicker now delays its changed event to decrease the amount of data passes from Client to Server.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebCurrencyField now automatically strips non-numeric characters when setting text (previously the operation failed).
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker styles should now show properly when placed on a palette with a Map control.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker is no longer visibly limited by its parent container.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker no longer fails on showing calendar under certain conditions.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker now properly shows the popup above palette windows.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker once again disables properly on-load when Enabled is set to False in the Shown event.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker now properly processes custom date formats selected in the popup.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker no longer explicitly creates its own button.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker now shows ranges using ” – ” in the display, instead of “, “.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker now hides overflow and displays an ellipsis when the value is wider than the control.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebDatePicker now properly shows as disabled based on the Xojo “Enabled” property.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebEditor no longer fires TextChanged multiple times per change.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebGrid no longer resizes improperly.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu now has a required minimum size of 29px per plugin specifications.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu now clears its load cache when finished.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu now properly shows the popup above palette windows.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebPopupMenu now adds scrollbars when using MultipleSelect instead of half the control vanishing.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebProgressBar now caches JavaScript sent before libraries are loaded.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebSignature now works as expected with multiple instances on a page.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebSyntaxEditor now properly updates all elements after resizing.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebSyntaxEditor updated for compatibility with GraffitiWebStorageGW
FIX WEB GraffitiWebTooltip no longer tries to use jQuery before it has loaded.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebWall now verifies that the HTML element exists before moving it in to the container.
FIX WEB GraffitiWebWall now properly positions items inside the viewport when resized.
FIX WEB Control resizing should be more predictable.
FIX WEB Improved dependency loading for all classes
FIX WEB JavaScript plugins should now only be loaded once per session, instead of once per control shown, greatly reducing overhead.
FIX WEB Improved error checking and handling throughout.

ADD DESKTOP GraffitiTreeView
ADD DESKTOP GraffitiButton now supports icon positioning relative to text.
ADD DESKTOP GraffitiTagField now supports both mousewheel and scrollbar scrolling.
ADD DESKTOP GraffitiTagField now supports horizontal scrolling.
ADD DESKTOP GraffitiColorPicker now supports alpha channels.
ADD DESKTOP GraffitiFadeLabel now support background colors.
FIX DESKTOP All classes’ ScalingFactor method fixed for targets not equal to Cocoa, including additional code for Windows ScalingFactor.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiTagField now sports much smoother drawing on Windows.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiTagField no longer has resize problems on load in Windows.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiFadeLabel’s text is now padded by 5 pixels when aligned left or right.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiFadeLabel’s gradient should once again fill the text entirely.
FIX DESKTOP ScalingFactor methods no longer use TrueWindow, as it doesn’t seem to exist when the control is inside a ContainerControl
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiColorPicker now properly supports changing value via the Hex field.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiColorPicker should not longer break on an exception when loading recent colors for the first time.
FIX DESKTOP GraffitiButton now properly shows all styles in the Inspector.